Summer tips by Milla

Summer is in full swing. The sun shines brightly, the days last much longer, the warm weather allures to walking all day and night, and the options on how to spend weekends are endless. We got what we all have been waiting for!

To spend this summer to the fullest & healthiest, we've gathered some simple yet important tips for you. 

1. Water, water, and even more water, baby

In summer, it is most important to stay hydrated. Due to the heat, the body loses a lot of moisture that needs to be replenished. Drinking plenty of water is the key to good health. Water helps the body perform its functions, removes bad toxins, moisturizes the skin, and maintains body temperature.

There is much controversy over determining the amount of water you need to drink daily. We are not experts to give you exact numbers, but we can say for sure that it is better to remind ourselves to drink water and do it as often as possible, especially in summer. Set yourself a daily reminder, or download an app (yep, there are lots of apps with one single option — to remind you to drink water).
Many people do not drink enough water and have a number of health problems as a result.

And, yes, ladies, when we say ‘water’, we mean WATER. Not coffee, tea, juice, soda, or prosecco 😂
If you do not like the absence of taste in the regular water, be creative and add there lemon, berries, cucumber, or anything you like. 

2. SPF is your everything

We all seem to know that the sun causes most skin cancers due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.
But not everyone knows that the sun starts the aging process, photo-aging, and makes hyperpigmented spots more visible.

Now there will be a few more discoveries: SPF should be worn not only in summer but every season when the sun is active 😱

Apply your SPF before going out in the sun, take it with you, and do not neglect the re-application after a few hours.

P.S. We recommend applying SPF with a higher level of protection, at least 30, ideally — all 50.

3. Active means alive 

Being physically active is always important, regardless of the season.

Physically active people live longer and have a lower risk of disease. Physical activity improves sleep, and general well-being, reduces stress and anxiety, strengthens the body and there are dozens of positive effects that we can go on and on. 

Let’s admit it, we all know those things, but not all of us love sports in its classical sense.

This summer, we dare you to try to find an activity that would bring you pleasure: it can be a collective sports game in which you will involve your loved ones, it can be swimming, hiking, long walks in the city, yoga, pilates, dancing, tennis — find something that will suit you! But be aware of the temperature and try to not go overheated. 

4. Fruits & veggies season!

If you are not a summer fan, then you are definitely a fan of a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and berries like we are. Here is the richest healthy & fresh foods season to enjoy an outdoor meal, a picnic, barbecue, and all sorts of meal feast parties.

Try to consume smaller portions, but more often. And since nature has already given so much fresh healthy food — take this chance and fill that gorgeous body of yours with vitamins in advance!

5. Don’t forget to rest

Summer might be exhausting: you have so many plans, so many to-do lists, and you want to make it all. We get it. But, please, do not forget to rest. Have a proper amount of sleep, and take it easy on yourself. How about a vacation? Plan a trip that you have been dreaming of for a while. 

Enjoy the sun & have some fun!