The more you participate — the more coins you get. The more coins you get — the more discount you receive.

How to earn your coins:

  • Sign up for the bonus program 100 Milla Coins
  • Place an order + 1 Milla Coin for every $1 spent
  • Like a post on our Facebook page + 50 Milla Coins
  • Follow us on Instagram + 50 Milla Coins
  • Share our post on Facebook + 100 Milla Coins
  • Birthday present + 100 Milla Coins 

What can you get in exchange for your Milla Coins?

  • Exchange 200 Milla Coins for the $20 off coupon
  • Exchange 500 Milla Coins for the $50 off coupon 

How can you track the amount of earned Coins?

  •  Log in on our website
  • Click the present widget in the right corner and log in there

How much time do you have to exchange your Milla Coins?

  •  Your Coins will be available for 6 months from the moment of the registration

Level up your deal and invite your besties to the program.

  • When they make a purchase, you get a $50 off coupon, and your bestie receives a $50 off coupon. The more besties you invite – the more coupons you will get.  
Join the ride and start collecting your Milla Coins!